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Dewey Does Transformation

A place in the USA, like many small and large towns all around the world, with growing active kids. Dewey Does’ favorite place where streets, lanes, boulevards, avenues, roads, highways and byways are named from a sport or something involving health, fitness and fun rocking activities. Where playing, running, jumping, and competing are endless and scores go to infinity. Yes, Heroes Play Here. Where life is a sport for kids of all ages. This is Dewey Does’ Playground. Can you imagine such a joyful place?

Batter Up Transformation

An All-American baseball player, leads MLB in homeruns during his time. Leads times on first base, and played in every world series since 1903, according to Batter Up. Always debating with Cricket about being the number one bat.

Slap Shot Transformation

Originally from Canada Slap Shot loves to brag about  his  missing  tooth.  He’s always arguing and never passes up an opportunity to play fight with his other teammates. But when he transforms no enemy of Doesville is safe.

Bend It Transformation

Speaks Spanish and broken English with a Spanish accent and  is always  bragging  that he is the world’s most popular sport. When Bend-It transforms into a Defender of Doesville he can see around all types of objects. No villian can hide from Bend-It.

Mr Mulligan Transformation

Gentle speaking, like a golf commentator. Tends to repeat key points in conversations. Wants to be called ‘Three Hundred’ because he hits the golf ball 300 plus yards down the fairway every time. “Please call me 300”

Cross Over Transformation

African American voice – New York City accent with an overly confident attitude, always challenging the other equipment to a dribbling contest and the first to ask Dewey Does to take him out because he’s the number one sport.

Flat Top Transformation

from Southern California – speaks ‘Surf Talk’, as he calls it; “Akaw!”, “Heavy”, and “I’m Amped” are just a few one word lines Flat Top uses when speaking with the Defenders of Doesville. Converts from a skate board to a surf board when Dewey gives the Dew110 command. On wheels or on the water, Flat Top is always cool breeze.

First Down Transformation

A deep strong voice – feels he is the strongest and toughest equipment in the house.  Hates to be kicked around by the punter but loves splitting the uprights.

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Dewey Does for President
Dewey Does 4 President