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The Defenders of Doesville adventures take place in Doesville.

A place in the USA, like many small and large towns all around the world, with growing active kids. Dewey Does’ favorite place where streets, lanes, boulevards, avenues, roads, highways and byways are named from a sport or something involving health, fitness and fun rocking activities. Where playing, running, jumping, and competing are endless and scores go to infinity. Yes, Heroes Play Here. Where life is a sport for kids of all ages. This is Dewey Does’ Playground. Can you imagine such a joyful place?

But, Doesville has its enemies too. Always under attack by nemesis from north, south, east and west. From high and low, and from the waters edge. The Defenders of Doesville, are always on alert, using their superpowers to protect and maintain fun sports, health and fitness life for all kids of Doesville USA and around the world.



Nine year old Dewey Does loves sports. All sports. His stories are set in his hometown of Doesville, where Dewey uses his 110% state-of-mind powers to teach kids about different sports, fitness, healthy living as he and friends protect Doesville from enemies looking to stop what’s healthy and fit for kids. Dewey Does, with his trademark long brim backward baseball cap, which only he understands, reinforces his 110% state-of-mind as he faces new challenges and adventures. Dewey Does is assisted by his teammates, the Defenders of Doesville, from the magic toy chest given to him by his father when he was a baby. On his command, Dewey Does’ teammates transform into the Defenders of Doesville. Each with superpowers associated with their sport. Each Defender of Doesville takes on the attitude and personality of their sport, which often conflicts with one another. Their stories, talents and personalities are intertwined in every Dewey Does adventure.


Each story begins with Dewey Does and his Dew 110 teammates interacting in Dewey’s bedroom. Dewey’s toy chest starts jumping up and down. Voices from inside calling out “time to get your sports on”. The toy chest opens and the sports characters pop out as they shout out some of their signature sports sounds and cheers. IE: Cricket calling out his homerun sound with his East Indian accent, First Down calling out “Touch Down”, Speedy & Fifth Gear flashing their signature lightning bolt with their shoe strings, Bend-It yells out his seemingly never ending “Gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaal” and Cross Over calling out “Oops, broke your knees.”


The plot thickens, Doesville is under attack. The Stape Twins, Dewey Does’ number one nemesis and others, aim to destroy all that’s healthy and fit in each episode. Dewey’s Dew110 watch sounds the alarm, Doesville is in danger. Dewey transforms into Coach Does as he and the Defenders of Doesville are guided by Optiks, Dewey’s all seeing, all knowing sports goggles. Kids will become part of episodes like a MONSTER ate my Sneakers, a Dry Hot Summer, and heaven for bid, the Stape Twins become president of Doesville only to destroy its values, in Dewey Does 4 Prez. Watch for Dewey’s Public Service Announcements, Mask Up and Heroes Wash Their Hands Too, encouraging kids to stay safe and healthy.


Coach Does and the Defenders of Doesville huddle up to discuss the best team strategy to protect Doesville. A plan is formed and Doesville is saved until the next adventure. Stay tune sports fans, Heroes Play Here!

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Dewey Does for President
Dewey Does 4 President