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Heroes Play Here #giveaway #contest

Coaches, parents, young athletes showcase what you love and how you do it. Post your sports photos and/or videos on IG for likes. The more likes, the more chances to win Heroes Play Here tee shirts and thangs. One grand prize winner will donate $500 to their favorite sports and/or fitness program of their choice. Your favorite organization will also receive a Heroes Play Here banner for display for hard work and commitment to youth sports and activities. Send Dewey Does your best sports/fitness photo/video @realDeweyDoes on IG & FB today.



*Follow @realdeweydoes on Instagram

*Use the #heroesplayhere in each of your posts

*Tag at least 3 friends in the comments of your post

*Tag extra friends, teammates etc to get more entries

*Like the Dewey Does All Sport Heroes Play Here Brand Logo

*Like and Share the new Mask Up animation featuring Dewey Does and the Defenders of Doesville @ HeroesPlayHere.com or Doesville.com

*Ages 12 and under only please. Boys and girls participate. Only USA for now.



*Contest Ends: Date.

*Winners: announced on IG, FB, DeweyDoes.org and HeroesPlayHere.com websites: Date

*Ten (10) Tee Shirt & Thangs winners, ONLY one grand prize $500 winner


Sponsored by the Dewey Does Foundation. Supporting youth sports since 2006.

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    June 4, 2018

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