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Dewey Does 110 adventures take place in Doesville, Dewey Does’ favorite sports town where all the streets, lanes, boulevards, avenues, roads and highways are named after a sport or something involving health, fitness and fun activities. Where playing and competing never end and the scores go to infinity. Where kids of all ages live their greatest sports, fitness and health fantasy and adventure and parents and coaches share their history and wisdom. Can you imagine such a place?

Nine year old Dewey Does and the Dew110 team are the Defenders of Doesville. Their stories are set in the fictional town of Doesville USA. Their #Dew110 powers teaches kids about different sports, fitness, healthy living and sportsmanship as they protect Doesville from enemies looking to stop what’s fun, healthy and fit for all kids.

Dewey Does is assisted by his sports equipment friends. Each with sports related super powers that only come out at Dewey Does command, Dew110. Each sport equipment character takes on the attitude and personality of their sport as well as their country of origin. Their stories, personalities and talents are intertwined in each adventure.

Each story begins with Dewey Does and his sports equipment friends interacting in Dewey’s bedroom. Dewey’s toy chest is jumping up and down calling out “time to get your sports on”. The sports chest opens and the sports equipment swarp out calling out some of their signature sports sounds and cheers. IE: Cricket calling out his homerun sound with his East Indian accent, First Down calling out “ Touch Down”, Speedy & Fifth Gear flashing their signature lighten bolt with their shoe strings, Bend-It yells out his seemingly never ending “ Gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaal” and Cross Over calling out “And One or Give Me All 3” etc. Each story unfolds as Dewey Does and friends go through town visiting guests at different sports and fitness facilities. Dewey and friends share positive advice like drink plenty of water, exercise gets you fit and teamwork always wins.

The plot thickens because Doseville has its enemies. The Stape Twins, Dewey Does’ number one nemesis and others, am to destroy all that’s healthy and fit in each episode. Doesville is surrounded by tropical ocean water that can be attacked from all sides. Dewey becomes Dewey Does 110 as he is guided by sports and fitness wisdom to protect Doesville. Stories like ‘a monster ate my sneakers, a very dry summer, and Dewey Does 4 Prez’ will teach and entertain kids for years to come.

Dewey Does and Team Dew110 are the Defenders of Doesville A plan is formed and Doesville is saved until the next adventure.

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